How to Prepare a Presentation for the Board Meeting

A presentation for a board meeting is different from a normal presentation due to the pressure of time and the requirement for unanimousity. The board members have the biggest stake in the success of a company therefore their decisions will have implications for the business. In order to make the right decision they must have all the relevant information in the fastest time feasible, and incorporating all risk. It’s therefore important to know what the board is trying to achieve and ensure that your message is focused on that goal.

Put your key data in the context of your data. You can’t simply present the conversion rate of a new product. You need to show the board how it compares to industry norms or expectations. If the board is able to draw the right conclusions from the data they are looking for, it will be much easier for them accept your suggestions or vision for the future.

Before presenting to the board, spend some time studying their background and the types of topics they are interested in. This will help you anticipate questions they might ask and then incorporate them into your presentation or be prepared with a considered answer for an open Q&A session after the presentation. I’ve seen presentations in which the presenter tried to guess what the question was. If they got it wrong, it could have an impact on their credibility.



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