How to Have a Great Board Meeting

A great board meeting can be a vital element to the success of your business. Many companies fall into the “if it’s not broken, don’t alter it” trap when it concerns board meetings. This can result in stale meetings that don’t deliver results for the organization. This article will provide some tips for running a a productive and engaging board meeting that will benefit your business.

Set the tone for your board meeting at the beginning and close of the meeting. A well-constructed opening and a solid closing will set the tone for your meeting, and create unity among the board members. In addition, having the board meet in a different place (a meeting site or restaurant, for example) can effortlessly energize conversations.

Limit the number of key subjects to be discussed at a time. This will help keep the meeting focused around the most important topics for business.

Use an app that polls or surveys to determine the level of productivity in your meeting. This will let you be aware of who is taking up too much space and who aren’t speaking up enough. Knowing who is speaking too much will allow you to effectively redirect the conversation at the proper time.

Allow for discussion of topics that aren’t on the agenda, but ensure that you follow-up. This will allow your board members to engage and ensure that the most important issues are not diminished by unnecessary diverging topics.



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